DESIGNED Coaching with Kellye Franklin
 Private Coaching for the High-Achieving Female Leader 
A 1-on-1 coaching experience—for the female leader ready to design a career aligned to her life vision
AND needs help identifying her own development gaps.
You woke up this morning and thought:  Am I creating a career and life that fulfills me? What's next for me and how do I get there?

You know you want to take your career to the next level yet you're unclear of how that looks for you. And even if you do know you're unsure of the steps to get you there. It’s a challenge for sure. You're doing all the things. Leading all the things. But somehow you get stuck when it comes to leading yourself.

Allow me to get real for a sec...

Girl that's normal! It's like an eyelash tech doing their own lashes. She can see how to serve others but it's hard to see for yourself (literally). It's the same for you as a leader. It's easy for you to see everyone else's needs but not as easy for ourselves.

That doesn't take away from your qualifications. You are highly qualified AND you likely have some blindspots when it comes to your development. One of which is the need to align your development to the desires you have for your life. 

That's why you're here and I'm here to help. 

My superpower as a leadership coach is guiding you into discovering your personal vision so you can design a career and life that aligns to your desires. I help you identify your strengths (so you can leverage them), understand your opportunities (so you can strengthen them),and become a more effective leader (so you can impact your performance).

But I also want to show you how to stay out of performative busyness so you don’t sacrifice your mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing as you advance in your career.

Let me show you what us working together will look like...

But first, let’s get this out of the way..
You are not inferior, and you are not a fraud. What you’re experiencing is a common occurrence in many companies.

While management and leadership training are commonplace in companies, rarely do they coach leaders on the nuances of preparing and transitioning into their next leadership level; And they almost never touch on how to create harmony between your personal and professional life.

When you're preparing for your next opportunity - being more strategic, operating at a higher level - your personal desires and goals will always take a backseat.

That's because the teach you to plan backwards. Looking at your personal desires and the vision you have for your life should come BEFORE planning your development path. There's a certain level of introspective work that's required before and during your development planning and execution. That comes with experience and someone more experienced guiding you.

Supportive environments breed success.
I want you to take 60 seconds, right now, to reflect on how you feel about how you've been planning your growth - and then think how you would like feel.

Now, visualize having a supportive environment where you:

  • Safely voice your ideas, feelings, or frustrations, and get empathetic guidance
  • Move your MINDSET away from eliminating your desires from your career development
  • Identify gaps in your SKILLSETS without fear of retribution
  • Discover the quality of life (SELF-SET) you desire and design a development plan that aligns 
  • Leverage direct support regarding your unique development needs and growth plans
  • Have a clear understanding of your strengths, opportunities and how to expand them
  • Get proven techniques for prioritizing your actions so you achieve more 
Designed best supports...
Aspiring to mid-level female leaders committed to designing a life that brings them professional and personal success and want an experienced leader to coach them to a higher performance level.
Tailored support to design your career path
Our Leadership Coaching Model
The way you view your abilities, knowledge, skills, and self directly correlates to how you show up in your daily leadership and life activities.

We help you identify and address the views preventing you from showing up as the greatest version of you.
The abilities, skills, and knowledge that you use to perform your role and achieve your goals can be innately in you or acquired.

We help you identify and leverage your strengths while preparing a plan to acquire skills needed for the next phase of your growth.
Who you are, your desires and aspirations - the essence of you - plays a critical role in setting and achieving the vision you have for your life.

We support you in aligning your decisions and actions to these desires so that your success also comes with peace.
Here's what working together looks like:
Individualized Coaching
You are unique with unique scenarios popping up daily. We’ll work together to help you grow-through those experiences with tailored and targeted coaching to enhance your professional and personal growth.
Four directions of influence development – up, across, down, within - with skill expansion in key leadership areas like decision making, power negotiations, working within your leadership style, and productivity blueprinting.

Developing holistically is key to designing your career path. Using my framework, we'll identify blocks preventing you from being your next level self and leverage the strengthens you already have as part of your personal toolkit.
Your Investment
$5997 for 12 weeks of coaching 
Meet Your New Coach
Kellye Franklin

Kellye Franklin is the go-to coach for high-achieving female leaders ready to take their skills and life to the next level. The perfect partner for evolving leaders, she guides her clients into their next level of growth with the frameworks and support they need to excel in their current roles and prepare for their next.

Extraordinary at what she does, Kellye's success portfolio is unmatched. The executive secret weapon of Fortune 50 companies for more than two decades, Kellye is known for blowing strategic objectives out of the water. Handling multi-billion-dollar operational budgets and program portfolios with ease, she has led hundreds of leaders to achieving impactful results in their organizations.

From understanding the power in leveraging their current strengths to implementing development plans for maximum professional growth, Kellye shows clients how to evolve as leaders and as humans. Results like these prove that she is the brilliant brain that any business leader needs behind their professional aspirations.

And the joy of her work? Showing leaders the way to a career aligned to their life's desires.